Polish MP slams George Soros for attempts to influence national election

The central European nation of Poland is soon set to hold national elections — but one of that nation’s conservative lawmakers is accusing a prominent progressive billionaire financier of attempting to meddle in the process.

Member of Parliament (MP) Dominik Tarczyński told Breitbart in an exclusive interview that leftist billionaire George Soros is trying to influence the elections because the current conservative government “damages the Soros plan” for a globalist European continent governed by leftist ideology.

Soros accused of undermining Polish elections

Tarczyński told Breitbart that it was “obvious” that the inordinate amount of attention being granted to his nation’s elections — particularly by the likes of Soros — was indicative of the left’s general distaste for his staunchly conservative-populist Law and Justice Party, which has championed national sovereignty and opposed the globalist agenda of the European Union.

“It’s the Soros Plan. He wants to be the master of puppets; he wants to rule the world. It might sound crazy, but it’s a fact, it’s true,” Tarczyński said of the EU agenda — especially with regard to sovereignty-eroding mandatory migrant quotas to which the prior Polish government had agreed and which were scrapped by the new conservative government.

“The money Soros is investing — let’s use the word ‘investing’ — in Europe, in Poland, it’s so huge…they want to rule us; they want to own us, and they know that if they will be defeated in Poland, and they will be, the whole plan will be damaged,” he continued.

“It’s so sad, that leftists throughout the ages — not years, not decades, ages, because they were always present in some form — they were always, always, against identity, against the family, against values,” the conservative lawmaker added.

Tarczyński went to say that the leftist globalist view is one of no real borders or national sovereignty, but rather, a mass of people who are quiet and obedient workers and consumers more easily governed and controlled by the self-described “elites” who perceive themselves to be better, more educated and more worthy than the average individual.

Leftists hate what Poland represents

The parliamentarian told Breitbart that the Polish elections really come down to an effort to re-establish the Polish identity that was stifled and nearly destroyed by the Soviet communists that ruled the nation for decades during the Cold War era.

“The communists used to fight against the family, the church, and national identity,” Tarczyński explained. “We are now getting back our dignity as Christians, as Poles, as Europeans, and they don’t want us to take this dignity back; they don’t want us to win — but we have to fight for our Christian roots, for our Christian culture, for the principles of Roman law and Greek philosophers.”

He went on: “This is what they hate. They hate values, they hate virtues, and we are fighting for values and virtues… They don’t like it. They like Muslims, they like cheap labor, and [migrants] who will vote for them — but it’s not going to happen; we’re going to save Europe, and I’m serious about it.”

Election critical to Poland’s future

Poland held its election over the weekend, according to Politico, and it will be interesting to see what Soros and his critics have to say about the results.

As Tarczyński said, the nation’s identity, cultural and religious values, and right of self-determination are all at stake.

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