Megyn Kelly talks about the royal wedding and ‘sexist’ fairy tales

May 21, 2018

Megyn Kelly talks about the royal wedding and ‘sexist’ fairy tales Image Source: Screenshot

Many girls grow up hearing fairy tales about Prince Charming, but Megyn Kelly is raising her daughter on a different footing.

The NBC host, who missed her daughter’s recital to cover the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend, said that her “budding feminist” has no interest in marrying a prince.

“She’s all about female empowerment,” Kelly said.

Kelly calls daughter “budding feminist”

The Today show host told PEOPLE that her seven-year-old daughter, Yardley Evans, was “a little disappointed” that her mom was skipping her recital. Kelly went to England with the Today to cover the royal wedding instead.

“Yardley has her own performance that she would like me to be at this Friday, and Mom had to explain that there’s something else I’ve got to do,” said Kelly.

Kelly said she was amused at her daughter’s precocious sense of independence. Yardley has no interest in being like Meghan Markle, she said.

“It was actually kind of cute because then she gave me the most adorable little soliloquy on how she does not want to marry a prince because she wants to be in control of her own life. She’s 7!”

“She wants to make her own decisions and she doesn’t want someone telling her that she can only eat with her left hand and never the right,” she added.

“She says, ‘That’s her choice and that’s hers to make, I’m not judging her choice, but it wouldn’t be my choice.’ So unfortunately I’m missing Yardley’s recital, but I’ve also learned that I think I have a budding feminist in the house. She’s all about female empowerment.”

“Sexist” fairy tales

Kelly said that she was “fascinated” by the wedding because so many women in America grow up hearing tales about “normal women becoming princesses.” She was looking forward to seeing an American become royalty, regardless of the “sexist” implications of old damsel-in-distress stories.

“So whether you think that’s sexist or not, whatever your feelings [are] about that, it’s an imprint that I think most American women have that makes it fascinating to me. So I’m looking forward to seeing one of our own, an American, become a princess.”

Problematic feminist

Kelly re-branded herself as a spokeswoman for the #MeToo movement after joining Today last year. The former Fox host, who accused the late Fox executive Roger Ailes of sexual misconduct, brought several women who accused Trump of sexual assault on air to share in December to share their stories.

But despite her new feminist image, Kelly has reportedly bullied women at NBC behind the scenes. She has also reportedly not gotten along with co-stars Savannah Guthrie, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, whose ratings have suffered along with Kelly’s.

The former Fox star has struggled to translate her experience as a political journalist onto the talk show set. Today has had lukewarm ratings since Kelly joined the show last year.

Kelly’s inexperience as an entertainer became apparent during an awkward faux-pas with Jane Fonda in September when she pressed the actress about her plastic surgery. Kelly later doubled down in a three-minute tirade on air in which she criticized Fonda for her infamous “Hanoi Jane” remarks.

It looks like Kelly is playing up her feminist credentials. But given her history with Fox, her alleged bullying of women, and her criticism of Fonda, a prominent women’s rights activist, it’s anybody’s guess whether feminists will come around to her.


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