Megyn Kelly isn’t coming back to Fox: Report

Last week, former Fox News star Megyn Kelly made her return to the network alongside Tucker Carlson, furthering already rampant rumors that she may be planning to come back to the small screen.

But it looks like Kelly won’t be sticking around. Page Six reports that Kelly will not return to Fox News and is instead planning to start her own news production company.

Megyn makes plans

Kelly’s appearance Wednesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight was a hit; according to Page Six, the program brought in a whopping 4 million viewers. But that doesn’t mean Fox is itching to have Kelly back.

“Megyn Kelly’s forthcoming guest appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight was coordinated weeks ago and is a one-time occurrence,” the network said in a statement early last week. “Any future programming changes we are considering do not involve her.”

But it doesn’t seem that Kelly is wallowing in pity over the snub from the network. She’s instead focused on her newest project: “her own video podcast, just like [Bill] O’Reilly,” according to Page Six.

Kelly has also touted her recent activism and support for victims of sexual harassment.

Kelly slams NBC on Fox

Part of the reason Kelly may not be making a return to network television is her willingness to criticize her former employers. During her appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Kelly slammed NBC — for which she anchored the Today show for a short stint after her departure from Fox — for its handling reports of sexual misconduct by longtime anchor Matt Lauer.

She also called Lauer a “sexual predator” and complained that NBC executives “put dollars over decency.”

They were “more interested in protecting their star anchor than they were in protecting the women of the company,” Kelly said, according to Fox. Take a look:

While Kelly’s appearance with Carlson may have drawn in viewers, Fox apparently wasn’t impressed. But that doesn’t mean she’s not ready to return to show business.

“Her authenticity, humor and sharp-as-a-knife legal skills reminded us all of what made her a star,” a source told Page Six. Another opined: “When you love what you do, it’s hard to stay away for too long.”

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