Report: Trump, Barr seen in an ‘animated conversation,’ discussed Horowitz report

November 16, 2019

The media is buzzing over a private, “animated” conversation that took place between President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr. What could the two men have been discussing? That’s what everyone wants to know, and, of course, rumors are rampant.

But one outlet has been persistent in trying to get to the bottom of the matter. “President Donald Trump,” reported CNN, “met with Attorney General William Barr and White House counsel Pat Cipollone in an Oval Office meeting Thursday afternoon in which the so-called Horowitz report came up in conversation, two sources told CNN.” The topic makes sense — the Horowitz report’s release is “imminent,” Barr said earlier in the week.

What happened?

On Thursday, President Trump was scheduled to depart for a political rally in Louisiana, but that trip was delayed by some 45 minutes because of his conversation with Barr. White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham were also part of the discussion.

While waiting for the president to come from the Oval Office to the Marine One helicopter, members of the White House press corps began reporting on what was going on. The problem, of course, was that they could not hear the conversation; they could only see it. In other words, the press was left to fill in the blank.


Horowitz report is ‘imminent’

The first thing that came to mind was Wednesday’s press conference in which Barr revealed that the release of the report compiled by the Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz into the origins of the Russian probe was “imminent.”

The report will be issued, Barr said, at the end of a brief period to allow people mentioned in the report to “comment on how they were quoted.”

Accordingly, Trump and Barr must surely have been discussing that — or at least that is the predominate rumor going around.

Cannot be confirmed

Subsequently, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley appeared on Fox News and was asked about the conversation.

Gidley’s response was that he “sadly” could not say what the president and attorney general were discussing. But, he humorously added, “all the gentlemen had Diet Cokes in the room — that’s very serious.”

When asked specifically about whether Trump and Barr were discussing Horowitz’s report, Gidley replied: “The president is trying to stay out of all things that Attorney General Barr is doing as it relates to investigating the investigators.”

Gossip goes wild

As we know, the rumors will continue until either Barr or Trump chooses to speak out. But both men better watch out — if they wait too long, the mainstream media might gossip itself into a second impeachment inquiry!


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Robert Ayers

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