Rush Limbaugh blames Hillary Clinton for failed ‘coup attempt’ against Trump

The failed “coup attempt” to take down President Donald Trump was “95%” Hillary Clinton’s work, Rush Limbaugh said.

Citing a Federalist article by H.A. Goodman, Limbaugh broke down how Clinton was the No. 1 figure behind the so-called “Deep State” conspiracy to sabotage the Trump campaign and, failing that, to thwart his presidency. While the likes of James Comey and John Brennan played important supporting roles, Clinton was the “architect.”

“I actually think that the architect of all of this is Hillary Clinton, that Hillary Clinton is responsible for this coup — and then people like Comey and others in the [Barack] Obama administration,” Limbaugh said. “It’s hard to separate Obama and Hillary. But this was a Hillary bought-and-paid-for, led-by operation. And it incorporated the Obama DOJ.”

Placing the blame

With the end of the Mueller probe and the beginning of Attorney General William Barr’s review of the origins of the Russia hoax, familiar players have been in the spotlight, from former FBI Director James Comey to former CIA chief John Brennan. But while the FBI, DOJ, and CIA played important roles in the “coup,” they did not supply the “intelligence” that formed the basis of the probe, Limbaugh said.

The radio host said that “every news item, every little bit of information that fed this narrative the past two years or three now — that Trump colluded with Russia — came not from American intelligence, not from British intelligence. It didn’t come from FBI intelligence,” he said. “It came from the Clinton campaign.”

Anti-Trump “coup”

Limbaugh traced how the whole operation — from the FBI’s exoneration of Clinton, to Democrats rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders, and then Clinton funding the dossier that formed the basis of the Russia hoax — was done at Clinton’s behest. Limbaugh noted that Clinton-linked officials in the Obama administration first had to exonerate her of wrongdoing in her misuse of a private email server, which Comey did in July of 2016.

From there, the conspirators turned to denying Trump the presidency. Again, helping Clinton was the motivating factor, and Clinton played a key role in getting the coup off the ground by funding the dirty Russia dossier.

“After that, the project became, ‘Make sure Trump doesn’t win, make sure Hillary does.’ And when that didn’t happen, it was focus efforts on somehow getting rid of Trump,” Limbaugh said. He went on to acknowledge arguments that “you can’t take [Obama] out of this because all of this happened while he was president. And all these institutions — FBI, CIA, and all that — were run by people he’d appointed.”

But Limbaugh stressed that Clinton, more than any other figure, was the focal point behind the “coup.” Sure, Obama’s intelligence officials played key roles, but Clinton’s traces are everywhere to be found in the operation.

“This was a Hillary Clinton inspired, motivated, bought-and-paid-for operation, everywhere you look in this thing,” Limbaugh said. “[Andrew] McCabe’s wife got money from the Clintons and her campaign in Virginia. [Christopher] Steele paid for by the Clintons. [Andrew] Weissmann — Mueller’s guy — was on stage with Hillary during her concession speech and was a big donor. Alexander Downer, the Australian ambassador that supposedly nails [George] Papadopoulos? These people are all part of the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton campaign.”

Minding her business? Not so fast

Clinton was not “minding her own business,” while the Deep State went to work, Limbaugh said; far from it — that’s just not Clinton’s way.

“That’s not who Hillary Clinton is,” Limbaugh insisted. “We know who she is. We know who she’s always been, and this is exactly the kind of operation Hillary Clinton always mounted when her husband was in the White House. She was always a humongous left-wing activist. In fact, when Bill Clinton was in the White House they played the roles.”

Rather than stand idly by, Clinton had the Democratic primary rigged against Sanders, much like she expected the general election to be rigged in her favor with the help of the FBI, DOJ, CIA and other agencies, Limbaugh said. All the officials involved in the “coup” were “linked and tied back to Hillary Clinton, including Mueller’s lead negotiator, lead investigator.”

But the biggest connection of all was Clinton’s involvement in funding the Christopher Steele dossier. With the dossier, the Clinton campaign leveraged the power of the American intelligence apparatus to spy on a political rival — an unprecedented abuse of power. Limbaugh himself cited a piece from John Solomon of The Hill that describes the Steele-Clinton collusion as “arguably the most devious political dirty trick in American history and one of the most overt intrusions of a foreigner into a U.S. election.”

“Screw Russia. How about Steele?” Limbaugh pressed. “You want to talk about foreign intervention in an election, Solomon’s right. Christopher Steele, a British spy who went out and was fed phony items of intelligence by Russian spies that were friends of his, and that’s what made up the Steele dossier.”

It all started with the dossier

The real collusion was between Clinton and Steele, not Trump and Russia, Limbaugh said. Clinton’s funding of the Steele dossier was a campaign contribution that she kept hidden using multiple layers — hiring law firm Perkins Coie, which in turn hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which in turn hired Steele.

“Trump didn’t do any of the collusion. Hillary did, with Steele. The foreign collusion was Hillary and Steele using Russians,” Limbaugh said. “A lot of people think this thing all started because somebody really thought Trump was colluding. And that’s not what happened.”

Although the FBI, DOJ, and CIA played important roles in the “coup,” their intelligence had nothing to do with the genesis of the investigation, according to Limbaugh. It all started for one reason only: Hillary Clinton and the salacious dossier she paid for.

“The CIA didn’t find anything. The FBI didn’t find anything. The only thing anybody ever had was what Hillary Clinton gave them,” Limbaugh said. “And every one of these people, apparently an uber-loyalist to Hillary Clinton, then took that ball, the dossier, and ran as far as it would take them.”

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