Levin lambasts Adam Schiff, impeachment inquiry: ‘It’s a grand cover-up’

Fox News contributor and conservative commentator Mark Levin spoke with fellow Fox personality Sean Hannity on Thursday about Democrats’ impeachment efforts. And as usual, his criticism wasn’t subtle.

According to Fox, Levin lambasted Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Thursday’s episode of Hannity, calling the House Intelligence Committee chairman the “head mobster” of the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry and accusing him of being in charge of a “grand cover-up.”

Schiff: “The head mobster of this operation”

Levin began his talk with Hannity by going after the CIA employee who filed a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump, as well as the media for protecting the alleged whistleblower’s identity.

“How can you impeach a president, a process…triggered by this guy, who is a political hack?” Levin said. “A political hack, without the House, the Senate, the president, and public scrutinizing his motives, his credibility, and his veracity?

“They would have us impeach a president without knowing who this guy is,” Levin added of the whistleblower, noting that when it comes to his name, “the same newspapers that put out the Pentagon Papers and everything else, they’re keeping it secret.”

Worse still, Levin noted, Schiff is implicated in all of this.

“[Schiff] knows all about this guy,” Levin said. “Adam Schiff hired a couple of old [National Security Council] staffers, took them out of the Trump administration, they’re on his staff now. I have no doubt that they were involved in this process.”

Levin went on: “The problem is…like a good mobster, Adam Schiff has decided, ‘You can’t call this guy as a witness, you can’t call me as a witness, Republicans, because you need my approval and I’m not going to give you the approval.’ So the head mobster of this operation says, ‘I’m in charge of who the witnesses can be, and I’m not going to let you call these people.’ So it’s a grand cover-up. [And] the perpetrator, Adam Schiff, is also the guy in charge of the cover-up.”

“The law is on the president’s side”

But even though the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry may not exactly be fair to President Trump, not all hope is lost, according to Levin.

“The law is on the president’s side, the facts are on the president’s side,” he insisted, according to PJ Media. “What they’re attacking is the transition of power. They have never supported the transition of power from the Obama administration to a Trump administration.”

Unfortunately for the Democrats, it looks like they’ll just have to get over it.

“Mr. President, stay strong,” Levin concluded. “This’ll collapse, eventually.”

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