Megyn Kelly defends her record on #MeToo in feud with ABC’s Matthew Dowd

October 20, 2019

Over the weekend, a Twitter fight broke out between former NBC host Megyn Kelly and ABC chief political analyst Matthew Dowd, the Washington Examiner reports.

The exchange comes just days after Kelly made her first appearance on primetime television since leaving NBC in 2017. She appeared alongside Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night, according to The Washington Post.

“Can’t they just fade away?”

It was Dowd who initiated the back-and-forth on Friday with a tweet expressing his dismay over recent television appearances by Kelly and her former NBC colleague Matt Lauer, who is back in the headlines over fresh allegations of sexual misconduct.

“I really don’t want to hear from either Matt Lauer or Megyn Kelly,” Dowd tweeted. “Can’t they just fade away and enjoy their large pot of money?”

Kelly quickly hit back.

“Yes, I could just sit back and ‘enjoy my money,'” she replied, according to People magazine, “but instead I’ve chosen to speak up for women being harassed and abused who have been muzzled by NDAs [non-disclosure agreements]. Sorry you find that so annoying.”

“You should try it sometime”

In response, Dowd agreed that it’s important to speak up for abused women, but went on to challenge Kelly on whether she’s actually done that, tweeting:

For her part, Kelly pointed out that “there is a whole movie about me standing up for the women at Fox,” referring to the upcoming film Bombshell, which, according to the Examiner, “details how [Kelly] and other women at Fox News worked to expose CEO Roger Ailes sexual harassment, ending in his 2016 resignation.”

“[And] I put Trump accusers on the air,” Kelly added in her tweet. “Also my job as a reporter was not to ‘stand up’ for Blasey-Ford. It was to report fairly on her [without] taking a side. You should try it sometime.”

The final blow

Dowd fired back that he would “put his objectivity up against” Kelly’s “any day of the week.” “You worked at Fox News,” he said before Kelly effectively ended the debate.

After Kelly’s final blow, Dowd — who was already facing criticism from the Twitter-verse — deleted his original tweet, according to the Examinerwriting that there is “enough meanness and coarseness in the world today.”

“I’m all for less meanness in the world,” Kelly responded. “We’re good.”


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