Joe Biden offers explanation for recent bloody eye incident: ‘It was my contact lens’

Joe Biden has an explanation for his latest on-air health scare.

The Democratic frontrunner assured voters that his visibly bleeding eye at a CNN town hall on climate change last week was not a sign that he is unfit to run, nor some dark omen of an apocalypse. According to The Washington Examiner, the cause was apparently much more prosaic: his contact lenses.

“It was my contact lens,” the former vice president told New Hampshire’s Laconia Daily Sun. “I think I, you know when you’re taking it out, I think bruised my eye.”

Biden explains eye-gate

In fairness, there’s nothing particularly alarming about a candidate having a burst blood vessel in the eye. It could happen to almost anyone, and burst blood vessels in the eye are often benign. But in context of Biden’s many “gaffes,” as well as long-swirling questions about his health and fitness for office, the incident looked like the Democrat’s body was trying to say something.

Still, in comments to the Daily Sun published Friday, Biden insisted that the incident was entirely coincidental and said he will “disclose everything” about his health. (Meanwhile, Biden has not released any medical records in 11 years.)

At the same time, Biden appeared to insist that the media wasn’t doing their job right by criticizing his inability to remember what state he’s campaigning in.

“Your job is to investigate what in God’s name is going out there,” Biden said. “There’s a change in the country, so whether I said Manchester, Vermont, or New Hampshire, or Iowa is irrelevant in terms of what’s going on.”

Joe remains defiant amid flubs

In recent weeks, Biden has made repeated flubs and mistakes, even appearing at one point to forget Barack Obama’s name, according to the Daily Caller. The former VP also mistakenly addressed a crowd in the key primary state of New Hampshire as being from Vermont.

Indeed, while the media has done their utmost to prop him up, Biden’s sometimes elaborate mistakes have brought inevitable criticism. No less than The Washington Post reported that a recent speech Biden made about rewarding a Navy captain with a medal — down to the most minute detail — was entirely wrong.

With scrutiny intensifying, Biden has struck a defiant tone, telling voters concerned about his age that they simply shouldn’t vote for him, according to Fox News. Biden has even sought to assure voters that he is not “going nuts.”

Of course, taken alone, Biden’s bloodshot eye isn’t so troubling. But intention doesn’t always matter so much to voters as a candidate’s appearance.

With Biden’s campaign in the shape that it’s in, voters can hardly be blamed if they have questions about his health.

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