Ilhan Omar slams President Trump in speech for terror-linked group

Barely a month after sparking national outrage over remarks that many have called anti-Semitic, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is at it again.

The freshman congresswoman spoke on Saturday at an event in California to raise money for the terrorist-linked advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In her speech, which was captured on audio tape, Omar blamed President Donald Trump for the New Zealand massacre and obliquely continued pushing her anti-Israel agenda.

Chiming in on international affairs

Rep. Omar was one of the first leftists to openly blame President Trump for the New Zealand mosque shooting, in which dozens of practicing Muslims were killed during worship. And the 37-year-old congresswoman picked this theme back up at the CAIR fundraiser over the weekend, telling her audience:

The reason I think that many of us knew that this was going to get worse is that we finally have a leader, a world leader in the White House, who publicly says Islam hates us, who fuels hate against Muslims, who thinks…that it’s OK to speak about a faith and a whole community in a way that is dehumanizing, vilifying, and [who] doesn’t understand — or at least makes us want to think that he doesn’t understand — the consequences that his words might have.

In a 2009 legal case, a judge found that there was “ample evidence” linking CAIR to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. The FBI subsequently cut its ties with the organization.

But none of this seems to matter to Omar, who received the maximum contribution of $5,000 from CAIR’s California-based PAC in 2018. She continues to reciprocate the support at fundraising events across the nation.

“Some people, like me, know that he understands the consequences,” Omar said at this weekend’s event, continuing her attack on President Trump. “He knows that there are people that he can influence to threaten our lives, to diminish our presence, but what we know and what Islam teaches us, and what I always say is that love trumps hate.”

Omar’s brand of love

This comes not long after Omar came under fire for what seems to be a case of chronic anti-Semitism. It all began — at least publicly — back in 2012, when Omar alleged that Israel had “hypnotized” the world.

She built on this idea after she entered Congress this January, suggesting in a tweet that politicians who support Israel are in it for the “Benjamins” and later alleging that Jewish Americans are not fully loyal to the United States.

In response to these widely controversial remarks, House Democrats tried to pass a resolution targeting Omar and denouncing anti-Semitism. But after pressure from the party’s far left wing, what ultimately passed was a bland and ineffectual anti-hate resolution condemning all forms of bigotry — including Islamophobia.

But although House Democrats have let Omar off the hook, the American people aren’t backing down. Hundreds of protesters gathered at the CAIR fundraiser to express their disapproval of Omar’s speech and actions.

For her part, Omar dismissed these protesters as being anti-Islam and called on fellow Muslims to act.

“So, to me, I say raise hell. Make people uncomfortable,” Omar said. “Because here’s the truth, for far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen and frankly I am tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it.”

Take a listen to her full speech, released exclusively by the Gateway Pundit:

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