Hillary slips, nearly falls down stairs in India

March 13, 2018

Hillary slips, nearly falls down stairs in India a katz / Shutterstock.com

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s mind isn’t the only part of her that seems unbalanced these days. Sure, Clinton has accomplished her share of intellectual blunders of late — such as when she told an audience in India that women failed to vote for her in 2016 because of “ongoing pressure” from their husbands and bosses.

But for every social faux pas committed by the former secretary of state, Clinton proves that she would have been the clumsiest commander-in-chief to occupy the Oval Office. In fact, after a recent series of stumbles during the same India trip, Clinton’s lack of balance has both her loyalists and detractors worried about the state of her physical health.

India tripped

Even with the help of two escorts whose arms she grasped with white knuckles, Clinton couldn’t seem to stay upright for long as she descended a set of stone steps in India. A video provided by the American Mirror captured the entire embarrassing display.

Hillary Clinton nearly falls down stairs in India — twice!

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While enjoying a “girls trip” to India with some of her closest friends, the misstep occurred, although the trip appeared to ultimately constitute the international leg of her post-election blame-all.

Speaking to a business conclave sponsored by India Today in Mumbai, Clinton pointed out the red section of the U.S. electoral map without hiding her disgust:

So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And [Donald Trump’s] whole campaign – “Make America Great Again” was looking backwards.

Later, Clinton made national headlines when, during a Q&A, she explained why Democrats were losing the female vote:

And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.

Poor health?

Clinton just can’t seem to stay on her feet for very long, prompting some to assume that she may be suffering from some health problems. Twitter users held nothing back after viewing the clip, brutally condemning the Democrat:

Since the election, Clinton has been recorded several times fighting to stay upright. Following a 9/11 memorial, Clinton was spotted collapsing on a curb as Secret Service agents helped her into a nearby van. Former President Bill Clinton has also admitted that his wife has “fainted on more than one occasion.”

When she finally reached the safety of the bottom of the stairs, Clinton quickly removed her shoes — as if the flat-toed sandals she was wearing as the culprit.

Besides, a host of other pedestrians in similar footwear followed Clinton’s descent without so much as a half-step or stumble.

Friend, and co-conspirator Huma Abedin, obediently proceeded down the steps behind Clinton in a short dress and tennis shoes, absentmindedly toying with what appeared to be a phone or camera, yet walking calmly down the stairs just like the crowd of onlookers behind her.

Ultimately, Clinton paid for her vindictive blame-casting with a bit of ill fortune in the land where karma is a central tenet of practicing Hindus.

As they say: “what goes around comes around.” Additionally, “what goes up, must come down.”

Oh, how low Clinton has fallen …

Benjamin Baird

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