Internal document reveals Kamala Harris campaign is struggling with fundraising, polls

September 10, 2019

Politico has obtained a campaign memo that was reportedly left behind by accident at a New Hampshire restaurant. Created by Kamala Harris’ campaign team, the document paints a bleak picture for her 2020 presidential hopes.

“August was a rough month for fundraising and we barely scraped by hitting our goal. We expected to come out of the ‘summer slump’ this month, but the first days of September have proven even more difficult for fundraising than we expected,” it laments.

Harris struggles in New Hampshire

The document also emphasizes how poorly Harris has been polling in the state compared to other high profile candidates, reading, “Note: Recent polling- Boston Globe/Suffolk (8/1-8/4) Biden 21%, Sanders 17%, Warren 14%, YOU 8%.”

Still, the memo reiterates talking points about the importance of New Hampshire and how enthusiastic the California senator purportedly feels about being there: “NH [is] absolutely a priority for my campaign — excited to be back for the convention and other events around the state.”

The story prompted a response from Harris’s national press secretary, Ian Sams, who gave a statement to The Hill.

“They aren’t exactly glamorous,” Sams said of the papers, “but they’re a part of any campaign.” He went on to tout his candidate’s qualifications.

“Kamala is working hard to demonstrate to Granite Staters why she is the best candidate to defeat Trump. She is competing hard in New Hampshire and taking nothing for granted in the state,” Sams continued.

“We are grateful for the support and advice given to Senator Harris by people across New Hampshire, including key activists, elected officials, and leaders, and appreciate how much wisdom folks are sharing about the primary,” he added.

Fourth place nationally

Harris isn’t just struggling in New Hampshire, as a collection of recent polls put her in fourth place nationally.

She was widely seen as having done well in the first debate in June when she attacked former Vice President Joe Biden on the issue of busing.

However, Harris didn’t fare as well during a subsequent debate in which she was criticized by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on her record as a prosecutor.

During that encounter, Gabbard called her out for incarcerating people on marijuana charges despite admitting during an interview that she has used the drug herself, and for keeping a man in jail for two years after he had been ordered released.


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Adam Peters

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