GOP candidate calls diversity ‘a bunch of cr*p’

June 12, 2018

GOP candidate calls diversity ‘a bunch of cr*p’ Friscocali / CCL

It’s often said that diversity is our strength, but one Republican candidate feels differently.

New Jersey House candidate Seth Grossman, who won the nomination for the state’s 2nd district last week, said that diversity is a “bunch of cr*p” and “un-American” at a GOP campaign forum in April.

A progressive group sent the video to the press, apparently hoping to malign Grossman’s character, but he is standing by his statements.

NJ Repub: Diversity is “un-American”

The clip, which was sent to by a Democratic political action committee, American Bridge to the 21st Century, shows Grossman speaking heatedly about diversity, immigration, and affirmative action.

“In my view, the best way to bring diversity to the Republican party is for Republicans to openly say that the whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap. And un-American,” he said. Citing the Declaration of Independence, Grossman said America was founded on the idea that “everybody is created equal under the law.”

But now, he said, diversity has become “an excuse by Democrats, communists and socialists, basically, to say that we’re not all created equal, that if some people or somebody is lesser qualified, they will get a job anyway or they’ll get into college anyway because of the tribe that they’re with, what group or what box they fit into.”

Grossman went on to complain about diversity programs like affirmative action, saying they grant people jobs and college acceptances based on which group they belong to rather than their individual qualifications.

Rather than assessing people as individuals on their own merits, he said diversity groups people into “tribes” and “boxes,” which gets “us fighting against each other.”

The Republican platform has a lot to offer without resorting to affirmative action and entitlement spending, Grossman argued, saying:

Once we say that Republicans want these traditional ways that made America great for all these years, then maybe African-Americans will realize if we enforce our immigration laws, they’ll be more opportunities for Americans of all backgrounds.

When we talk about women saying ‘Well we need special care for child care, we need this credit and that credit.’ I say, wait a minute, when America was great, one parent alone earned more than enough money to comfortably support a family.”

Grossman then goes on to imply that the New Jersey Republicans nominated Kim Guadagno, the former Republican Lt. Governor who lost her New Jersey governor race, because she was a woman rather than for her individual merits.

“So that’s the diversity box, and I think Republicans make a big mistake when we nominate lesser-qualified candidates because they fit into that box,” Grossman says on the video. “I believe that’s why Republicans nominated Kim Guadagno instead of Jack Ciattarelli last time.  Oh, she’s a woman; she’ll get more votes, because we’re showing how diverse we are. Look how that turned out.”

Watch Grossman’s comments below:

Seth Grossman: “Diversity is a Bunch of Crap and Un-American” 4/21/2018

Uploaded by American Bridge 21st Century on 2018-06-06.

No apology

The Democratic group that shared the video with the press was apparently hoping to present Grossman as a bigot. But Grossman, a Trump supporter, told on Monday that he is standing by his statements:

I said it. I believe in America that each individual should be judged on nothing but his or her talent, character and hard work. I’m rejecting the whole premise of diversity as a virtue.

Grossman is running against state Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D) to fill a vacancy left by Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ), who is retiring after serving for 24 years. A spokesman for Van Drew issued a statement lamenting Grossman’s comments and lauding diversity as the “foundation of [America’s] success.”

“Senator Van Drew wants to be a congressman that embraces our diversity because that is the foundation of [the] country’s success for generations as a land of opportunity,” the Democratic senator’s spokesman said.

Democrats will no doubt seize on the video to paint Grossman as a bigot, but is it bigoted to say that candidates should be judged on their individual qualifications rather than the group they belong to? Grossman is sure to take a lot of flak for these comments, but he’s clearly not ashamed of them.


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