Rudy Giuliani clashes with Fox host over Ukraine scandal: ‘It’s pathetic’

October 7, 2019

Rudy Giuliani shushed Fox News analyst Howard Kurtz on Sunday during a heated argument about President Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Ukraine, The Washington Examiner reports.

Giuliani blasted Kurtz’s “pathetic” interruptions after the Fox host kept talking over the former New York mayor with mainstream media talking points on the Ukraine controversy. Kurtz, who styles himself a media critic, is nevertheless backing the media’s narrative on Ukraine.

“Wait, wait, before you interrupt me Howard. I know you wanna defend it so bad,” Giuliani fumed, talking over Kurtz, according to Mediaite. “It’s pathetic. It’s pathetic. Listen to me, just listen to me [for] one second.”

“A pay-for-play scheme”

The mainstream media — and apparently, Kurtz — has completely dismissed glaring signs of pay-to-play politics involving Joe Biden and Ukraine as a “conspiracy theory,” for seemingly no other reason than that Biden is a Democrat. Though they won’t on report it, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, scored a lucrative do-nothing job on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma Holdings, when Joe happened to be President Barack Obama’s diplomat to Kyiv.

Biden also boasted about having a prosecutor fired who had been investigating Burisma Holdings. But ignoring this, Kurtz pressed Giuliani in an interview Sunday on Media Buzz on whether Giuliani was trying to “discredit and knock out” Biden from the race. In response, Giuliani lost his patience.

“I’m trying to get somebody to investigate what is massive corruption in the Obama administration. A pay-for-play scheme,” Giuliani said.

The lawyer went on to suggest that it was a double-standard that Trump must, for some reason, be investigated over the anonymous “whistleblower” complaint while the Bidens are shielded from investigation for no clear reason. When Kurtz continued to insist that President Trump’s admissions were enough to find him guilty of wrongdoing, Giuliani shushed Kurtz and went into an extended monologue, saying that Trump should be cleared by the lenient standard being applied to Hunter.

“This all should have stopped when President Trump said, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’ You never should have even gotten the transcript, if we’re just gonna believe him,” Giuliani said.

“Why are Republicans treated differently?”

Despite chatter that the Democrats want to “get rid of” Biden, the media has nevertheless been pushing hard the narrative that allegations of corruption involving Biden have been completely discredited, often by airy allusions to “the facts,” but without any factual demonstration. But for his part, Giuliani slammed Kurtz’s credulity in accepting the narrative that the Bidens’ corruption was “debunked” without asking any further questions.

When Kurtz went on to argue that the Biden–Ukraine scandal has been covered by liberal media outlets like The New York Times and The New Yorker, Giuliani fired back that those articles have presented the Biden–Ukraine story as a baseless conspiracy theory, rather than a serious scandal that is being suppressed. As the men continued to argue, Giuliani protested the double standard being applied to Trump and Biden.

“Why are Republicans treated differently?” Giuliani asked, before answering his own question. “Because the press is in their [the left’s] pocket. Bad. Really bad. And you should want to root it out.”

Finally, Kurtz asked Giuliani to respond to allegations from the Bidens that Giuliani was spreading “wild” conspiracy theories and should be blocked from media interviews. Giuliani said that the left wanted him off the air because he’s saying something that the left wants to keep hidden, prompting Kurtz to cut him off.

“You don’t let me get a sentence out. You contradict me immediately,” Giuliani said. “You watch the interview with one of the Biden cronies, or one of the Democratic lapdogs, and they get fifteen minutes to answer a question, and they get to say stupid things like, ‘Hunter Biden says I didn’t do it.’ End of story. With me, they contradict me before I get one minute into the sentence. So I don’t get to say anything un-contradicted. The reason they don’t want me on is they know something you’re not reporting on. I’ve got it all. I’ve got it all.”


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Matthew Boose

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