Eric Trump and Bill de Blasio engage in Twitter war over Green New Deal

May 15, 2019

One of President Donald Trump’s sons called out “childish” Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday for ruining New York City and attacking his father’s iconic Trump Organization.

Eric Trump said “our city is going to s***” under de Blasio’s leadership and blasted the far-left mayor for bashing Trump at a “childish” Green New Deal rally in the lobby of Trump Tower Monday.

Trump defended his father’s business against de Blasio’s attacks and accused the mayor of driving New Yorkers out of the city with his inept leadership.

Eric Trump blasts “childish” Bill de Blasio

The feud began Monday hours after de Blasio held a press conference in the lobby of New York’s Trump Tower to promote New York City’s Green New Deal. De Blasio, who is rumored to have presidential ambitions, audaciously attacked the Trump Organization in the lobby of Trump Tower and accused the president of contributing to climate change by failing to cut emissions in his business operations.

De Blasio was shouted down by about a dozen protesters who rode up and down escalators carrying signs that read, “Worst Mayor Ever,” “Failed Mayor” and “Trump 2020.”

De Blasio blasted the protesters’ “temper tantrum” and accused Trump of “running scared” from the Green New Deal in a tweet, warning that Trump was “on notice” of potential fines of more than $2 million if he doesn’t cut emissions from his buildings as required by the city’s push to cut greenhouse gases 30% by 2030.

“You’re on notice, Donald: we won’t let you mortgage our future for your real estate. Fix your buildings or pay the price,” de Blasio tweeted.

Abuse of power

Eric Trump slammed de Blasio’s blatantly political stunt and defended his father’s business, characterizing his attacks as an improper use of mayoral authority and touting the large numbers of people whose livelihoods depend on the Trump Organization.

“The fact that the Mayor of a major city would attack an iconic organization (which employs thousands of hardworking New York taxpayers) for his own political gain is an abuse of power, unethical and simply counterintuitive,” Trump tweeted.

Trump accused de Blasio of driving business out of the city with his political antics before extending an invitation to work together to make the city prosper, but “forcing a pop-up press conference in our lobby is simply childish.”

“Most Mayors do all they can to support great businesses — here in NYC, businesses are attacked for headlines and ‘political points’ and is this very mentality that is causing people to leave our great city in droves,” Trump wrote. “If you ever think there is an initiative that would be great for New York, I would be happy to come to city hall and visit you anytime. But forcing a pop-up press conference in our lobby is simply childish.”

De Blasio turned NYC to “s***”

But de Blasio rejected that olive branch, again attacking the Trump Organization and accusing Trump of tax evasion and “stiffing workers.”

“Spare me. You and your dad have spent decades evading taxes and stiffing your workers,” de Blasio tweeted. “NYC’s Green New Deal is one law the Trumps won’t get away with breaking. Fix your buildings or pay the price.”

Trump then lost his patience with comrade de Blasio, whom he accused of destroying New York with poor leadership.

“Spare me?” he asked. “First you have never created a job in your life. Second, our great city has gone to shit under your leadership. Crime is up, the men & women of the NYPD detest you, homelessness is rampant, our streets are dirty and people are leaving our city in record numbers.”

Despite de Blasio’s emphasis on them, carbon emissions may not be New York’s only pollution problem. Like cities on the West Coast where rent is high and homelessness is rampant, New York City is showing real signs of urban blight. A video of a squalid subway car went viral recently, prompting comparisons to public transportation in trash-ridden, liberal-run cities such as San Francisco.

As has been the case in major California cities, New York is experiencing an urban exodus as residents flee its high cost of living. The populations of New York State generally, and the NYC metropolitan area in particular, have been in decline the last two years.

According to census data, population numbers decreased in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Nassau and Westchester Counties in both 2017 and 2018.


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