Hillary Clinton fundraises for illegal immigrants arrested in Mississippi raids

August 10, 2019

Hundreds of undocumented workers were arrested in a series of coordinated worksite enforcement raids on seven chicken processing plants in Mississippi and detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Wednesday.

Citing media reports about family separations, Hillary Clinton put out an emotional call for donations to fund legal assistance for the illegal aliens who had been arrested.

Media, Dems attack Trump over raids

Rather than admit the fact that illegal aliens have no legal authorization to live or work inside the U.S., and many already were under deportation orders, the media chose to paint them as victims of unjust enforcement actions.

Clinton echoed that message with a tweet on Thursday: “Heading into next year’s elections, every voter must reckon with what their vote supports. At the border and around the country, a vote for Trump is a vote to tear parents away from their children,” she wrote.

Fundraising to benefit illegal aliens

On Friday, Clinton reiterated that message and took it one step further by soliciting donations to help fund legal aid for the detained unauthorized workers and for humanitarian assistance for the children of those who’d been detained.

Clinton wrote, “If you’re heartsick over the images and videos of children in Mississippi whose parents were taken away by ICE, pitch in or spread the word to fund organizations that are providing legal aid and support services to impacted families:”

A link in the tweet directs supporters to Act Blue, a clearinghouse for Democratic campaign fundraisers and allied leftist activist groups.

Hundreds released

But while pro-illegal immigration Democrats decried the news coverage of crying children who were temporarily separated from their detained parents, they failed to mention that the vast majority of those with children who had been detained had already been released by ICE, according to ABC News.

Detailing the precautions taken to make sure children were cared for, an ICE spokesman said Thursday, “It is believed that all children were with at least one of their parents as of last night.”

Indeed, of the 680 illegal alien workers who were arrested in the Wednesday raids, more than 300 had already been released that same day.

Those who remained in custody had prior criminal records, prior deportation orders, or no familial ties to the community in which they lived.

Unlawful hiring

According to unsealed court documents, the seven food processing companies “willfully and unlawfully” employed undocumented workers, in violation of employment laws. It’s unclear yet whether the employers will be successfully prosecuted on criminal charges, because under current law it’s difficult to prove in court that an employer “knowingly” hired undocumented workers. Let’s hope this case is different.


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Ben Marquis

Ben Marquis is a staff writer for Conservative Institute.