Fox News’ Chris Wallace reveals what he admires most about Charles Krauthammer

June 12, 2018

Fox News’ Chris Wallace reveals what he admires most about Charles Krauthammer Mitchell Laurren-Ring / CCL

Tributes continue to pour in for political commentator Charles Krauthammer, in light of his tragic terminal cancer announcement. The latest comes from his Fox News colleague Chris Wallace.

In a heartfelt testimonial on Fox News Sunday, Wallace singled out Krauthammer’s commitment to his own convictions as the quality that he most admires. “In a world in which we all live, there’s a tendency to fall into tribes, you’re in this camp or you’re in this camp, Charles’ camp was his honesty, his values, his conviction. He could be lacerating in going after the excesses of liberalism, he could be just as tough going after the betrayals of his conservatism,” Wallace explained.

“Quintessential Krauthammer”

Last week, Krauthammer, confirming rumors about his absence from Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier, published a heartwrenching letter in The Washington Post explaining that he has been diagnosed with an “aggressive” form of cancer and has “only a few weeks left to live.”

“This is the final verdict. My fight is over,” Krauthammer wrote, before going on to give thanks and express satisfaction with his life. Speaking with Fox News host Sandra Smith on Sunday, Wallace described the letter as “quintessential Charles Krauthammer.”

“As he discovered, to his shock, the cancer had returned and … he talks about ‘the final verdict is in, my fight is over’ and finally when he says that ‘I leave this life with no regret,’ it is such quintessential Charles Krauthammer,” Wallace said. “It is so graceful, it is so honest, it is so brave.”

Watch Wallace’s full comments below:

Those familiar with the 68-year-old Krauthammer know that he has lived the majority of his life without the use of his arms and legs, after breaking his neck in a tragic diving accident that occurred while he was in college.

Despite this crushing disability, according to Wallace, Krauthammer has never been one to “express any sense of pity” or “why me?”

“He led his life fully, vibrantly. Yes, he was very badly disabled. No use of his legs. Almost no use of his hands,” said Wallace. “And yet he lived a full life.”

Chief virtue

Wallace then proceeded to list some of the countless accomplishments that Krauthammer has achieved both personally and professionally, including winning a Pulitzer Prize for his commentary.

Yet it is neither these accomplishments nor the way that Krauthammer has dealt with life’s difficulties that Wallace most admires about his colleague. Rather, it is his approach to politics. Unlike most, Krauthammer avoided partisanship and stood by his own convictions, Wallace explained.

Before finishing, Wallace issued a message to Krauthammer and his family, saying:

I want you to know that I love you. I flatter myself and feel so honored to consider myself a colleague of yours.

Wallace, echoing the thoughts of many at this sad time, concluded: “You are a great man.”


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