Glenn Beck predicts ‘end of the country as we know it’ if Trump loses in 2020

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck believes that if President Donald Trump is not re-elected in 2020, it could be the “end of the country as we know it” due to the rise of radicalism and socialism in the Democratic Party.

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Beck discussed the changing face of the Democratic Party since the 2018 midterms and the rise of Trump. Last year witnessed the election of far-left Democratic candidates like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who have endorsed radical socialist reforms.

The end as we know it

“I said what was coming and the last few steps were that the radicals, the anarchists, the Islamists, the socialists would all gather together, they would not be working together, plotting together, but they would see the opportunity and they would all come together and work to destabilize Europe and America,” Beck said on Hannity. “And that is exactly what is happening.”

Since the midterms, Democrats have embraced a number of extreme policy proposals. From packing the Supreme Court and lowering the voting age to 16, to abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and the electoral college, the new radical left has embraced a platform that is as extreme as any experienced in America’s past.

But no other progressive reform symbolizes the Democratic Party slide to the far-left more than the Green New Deal. This nonbinding congressional resolution seeks to “achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” at the expense of trillions of dollars in spending and millions of jobs.  

The left’s anti-Semitism problem

Beck, the founder of Blaze Media, warned that Democrats risk alienating their base, much like the British Labour Party. Several MPs have left Britain’s largest left-wing party after several of its members, including Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, came under fire for supporting anti-Semitic causes.

“When are we going to have our Labour Party movement, where you have that in England where the socialist party has noticed ‘wow, we are just full of radicals and anti-Semites,” Beck said. “Members of the Labour Party in England are leaving saying ‘this is too radical for me.’ When are the average people going to leave the Democratic Party, or at least wake up?”

The Democratic Party recently experienced its own bout of anti-Semitic outbursts from Reps. Tlaib and Omar. Both congresswomen, the first Muslim women to hold federal office in America, have been criticized for repeating common anti-Semitic tropes and supporting anti-Israel policies.

Righting a sinking ship

Beck brought up his recent conversation with former Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman, in which the Jewish centrist was critical of the new faces in the Democratic Party. Beck said that some of his progressive friends “don’t believe in infanticide, they don’t believe in destroying the free market system, they don’t believe in all of the stuff that’s coming out of the mouths of these radicals.”

When Hannity asked him how Democrats could fix their problems, Beck gave a simple answer. “Waking up,” he said.

“I don’t know the antidote, but I will tell you this, if the Republicans don’t win in this next election, I think we are officially at the end of the country as we know it. We may not survive even if we win, but we definitely don’t if the Republicans lose with Donald Trump.”

If Americans don’t wake up and confront the rising radicalism in the Democratic Party, they will effectively embrace it. And that will be the end of America as we know it.

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