Barack Obama and Eric Holder team up to raise $11 million to target GOP in 12 states

February 12, 2018

Barack Obama and Eric Holder team up to raise $11 million to target GOP in 12 states Joseph Sohm /

Former President Barack Obama hasn’t faded into the respectful private life normally expected of presidents after leaving office. Instead, he’s mounted an offensive against conservative values, joining forces with other shady individuals to accomplish the things he wasn’t able to achieve while in office — namely, to ensure the Democrats regain, and keep, control of Congress.

In line with these goals, Obama has backed the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), a group headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder with goals of eliminating pro-Republican districts. And the NDRC said on Monday that it will pour millions of dollars into state and local races in an effort to target conservatives and enable Democratic control of Capitol Hill.

Will they succeed?

Obama’s Rage Takes Action

Obama, incensed at the GOP lawmakers who held the majority during parts of his presidency — effectively blocking parts of his agenda — decided to take action by mounting a campaign for “comprehensive, multi-cycle Democratic Party redistricting strategy.”

According to the website, Obama’s new committee claims that Republicans are in control because they “have rigged the system in their favor” through gerrymandering.

The website states:

These gerrymandered districts have had disastrous policy consequences, leading to some of the most right-wing legislation in decades both in Congress and at the state level… These policies don’t reflect the majority of voters, but because Republicans have rigged the system in their favor, voters are limited in their ability to do anything about it.

The NDRC raised more than $11 million in 2017, and set its fundraising goal for 2018 at $30 million. It plans to push funds to nine gubernatorial races, 18 state legislative seats, 2 ballot initiatives, and 2 down-ballot races spanning 11 states.

The group also plans to push a redistricting measure in Ohio that would benefit Democrats.

Can They Be Stopped?

While there have been rumors that Eric Holder may be eyeing a presidential run in 2020, he’s not confirming anything yet. Asked by reporters last week whether he will run in 2020, Holder just said, “I’ll see. I’m focused on the NDRC at this point.”

In any case, his efforts might be short-lived. In addition to his infamous record on the Fast and Furious scandal and the IRS targeting scandal, Holder might also face questions about his involvement in the Uranium One deal as the investigation continues.

Obama himself is also under fire, as more information has been released showing that he was aware of the undercover investigation of parties to the Uranium One deal, yet the deal was approved anyway.

The former president wants attention, but more than that, it appears he wants revenge — and he wants 2018 to be the year that he gets it. But will Obama and his partner ultimately be successful?

Only time will tell.


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