Protesters interrupt award ceremony for Nancy Pelosi with calls for Trump’s impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) can’t seem to escape calls from fellow Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, protesters broke into chant at a ceremony where San Francisco Democrats were presenting Pelosi with an award for lifetime achievement, interrupting the House speaker and leaving her struggling to deliver her acceptance speech, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Crashing the party

It was at the InterContinental hotel in San Francisco where Pelosi was being honored for her lifetime of political service, according to Fox News. But things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Pelosi’s acceptance address was interrupted by activists calling for the House speaker to, “Impeach Trump now!”

Other protesters held signs reading, “We can’t wait,” while still others shouted: “Which side are you on, Pelosi? Impeach!”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that one of the activists even complained that “people are being killed by white supremacists” with Trump in office, a common refrain from some leftists who cite the president’s rhetoric as a catalyst for tragic incidents like the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas earlier this month, the suspect in which reportedly appeared to target Latinos.

Supporters of Pelosi combated the activists with chants of their own, including, “Let her speak!” Others shouted, “Sit down!”

Standing her ground

The Chronicle reports that San Francisco police and hotel security removed the protesters from the scene. It remains unclear if anyone was charged or arrested in connection with the incident.

Still, the protests continued outside the venue.

“Speaker Pelosi is right inside about to receive a lifetime achievement award, but her legacy is at a crossroads,” Nicole Regalado, the campaign manager of CREDO Action, said through a megaphone. “While Donald Trump empowers white supremacists who are gunning down our communities, locks up migrant children and families in concentration camps, strips away health care protections for transgender people, and cuts millions of women off of accessing health care from Planned Parenthood.”

But despite calls for Trump’s impeachment from Democrats across the country — and even on Capitol Hill — Pelosi hasn’t shown signs of budging. Even after ex-special counsel Robert Mueller’s July congressional testimony on his lackluster report, which essentially exonerated the president, Pelosi advocated for a “slow, methodical approach” to investigating Trump, rather than a rush to impeach.

The House speaker just doesn’t want to go down that road. But how long can she hold out against the radical new generation of Democrats threatening to take over her party? Only time will tell.

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