Trump can pardon Stone ‘anytime,’ former federal prosecutor says

A former federal prosecutor defended President Donald Trump’s right to pardon Roger Stone as the president weighs whether to do so. “He can pardon him anytime or he could commute the sentence, which is a different animal — it’s just saying that jail time is eliminated but the conviction still stands,” James Trusty told Fox […]

Republicans seek to capitalize on opposition to Bernie Sanders this November: Report

Whether Donald Trump faces Bernie Sanders in this year’s presidential election or not, Republicans will make sure the Vermont senator is on the ballot. Republicans are delighted by the rise of the self-proclaimed democratic-socialist, whose radical policies they believe will help them sweep the elections this November, the Washington Examiner reports. Party operatives have begun […]

Bloomberg in 2012: ‘I’m a big fan of Donald Trump’

Does Mike Bloomberg have enough money to erase his past? Years before Bloomberg attacked President Donald Trump as a “con man” on national television, the billionaire was praising his fellow New Yorker as “a great guy” and a “New York icon,” Fox News reports. Bloomberg’s rivals — and Trump himself — have wasted no time […]

Democrats gang up on Bloomberg in explosive Wednesday debate

Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate in Nevada was an absolute bloodbath — but no candidate took as vicious a beating as billionaire Mike Bloomberg. The newcomer came to his first debate in 10 years rusty and untested after an advertising blitz that has brought him to the forefront. By evening’s end, he had suffered a […]

Massachusetts lawmaker arrested on fraud, corruption charges: Report

A Democratic lawmaker who sat on an ethics panel was arrested by the FBI and IRS on Tuesday for using campaign funds to finance his gambling debts, the Washington Examiner reported. Massachusetts State Rep. David Nangle (D) has resigned from his committee posts after getting slapped with corruption charges for treating a campaign account like a slush fund […]

Elizabeth Warren scorches Michael Bloomberg in explosive Dem debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) went to the debate stage in Nevada girded for battle. With a flagging presidential campaign, the senator was desperate to stand out on Wednesday night, and stand out she did. Warren pulled no punches — not for her “friend” Bernie Sanders, and certainly not for billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who ended up […]

Sanders, Bloomberg campaigns spar over candidates’ heart health

The Bernie Sanders campaign lashed out at a “smear campaign” over the candidate’s prior heart attack just hours before a vicious debate in Nevada. In a sign of drama to come, Sanders spokeswoman Briahna Joy Gray deflected questions about Sanders’ health and claimed that his rival, Mike Bloomberg, had also previously suffered a heart attack, […]

Trump grants clemency to Kerik, Blagojevich in surprise pardon spree

President Donald Trump granted clemency to New York City Police Department (NYPD) hero Bernie Kerik, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D), and a host of other individuals on Tuesday, according to The Hill. “Since his conviction, he has focused on improving the lives of others, including as a passionate advocate for criminal justice and prisoner […]

Joe Biden calls on Bill Barr to resign over Stone controversy

Joe Biden called on Bill Barr to resign on Monday amid the controversy over Roger Stone’s sentencing. The former vice president joined the mainstream media pile-on of the embattled attorney general, who has faced vicious attacks after seeking to lighten Stone’s punishment for obstruction crimes, according to the Washington Examiner. Democrats have claimed that Trump, […]

Trump accuses ‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg of ‘illegally buying’ nomination

There is at least one thing on which Donald Trump and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders can agree. The president accused “Mini Mike” Bloomberg of “illegally” trying to buy his way to the presidency in scathing tweets Tuesday, The Hill reported. Bloomberg has come under increasing fire from Trump as well as Democratic primary rivals as […]

Bolton accuses Trump of trying to suppress contents of his forthcoming book

John Bolton accused the White House of “censorship” in his first public comments since the impeachment drama ended. During an appearance at Duke University, the former National Security adviser was tight-lipped about his upcoming book and complained that the Trump administration was trying to suppress some of its contents, the Washington Examiner reported. He went on […]