WATCH: Famous MIT Scientist Destroys “Global Warming” Lies in Viral Video

Global warming and climate change are hot button topics that were even more amplified when Trump announced that the United States will pull out of the Paris Climate Accords. The oft-cited statistic of “97 percent of scientists agree that climate change/global warming is an issue” has been touted by President Obama and other progressives. But MIT scientist […]

WATCH: Trey Gowdy Took Down Activist Who Wants Amnesty in Classic Video

“Borders are a man-made construct,” the left tells us. And that’s true. But did they stop to consider that maybe – just maybe – we made them for a reason? Rep. Trey Gowdy takes down amnesty activist Rosa Velasquez, showing exactly why amnesty is a flawed idea — “the devil is in the details.” Gowdy’s […]

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Destroys Republicans With a Single Question

Do Republican leaders in the Senate and House actually want to repeal and replace Obamacare? One Fox Business host doesn’t seem convinced. Lou Dobbs took on Republicans Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan over their failure to enact health care reform, asking, “What have you been doing all this time?” No-shows Mitch McConnell was forced to […]

The ‘Gender Wage Gap’ Isn’t Real When You Understand Basic Economics

Every year during the second week of April on “Equal Pay Day,” the left trots out women who claim they are victims of the patriarchy because they aren’t paid the same as men for the same job. It’s the same wage gap outrage every single year, and it’s gradually swelling to a year-round refrain. Of […]

BREAKING: North Korea’s Shocking Trump Propaganda Has Been Revealed

North Korea just released another bizarre propaganda ad intended as a scorching criticism of President Donald Trump. Recent productions from the communist nation’s governmental media service have featured the destruction of U.S. military assets with the promise of nuclear annihilation for America. Such excess and political hyperbole is to be expected from an insane North […]

Poverty Isn’t Random: The Truth About Poverty in America

On May 24, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said in an interview that poverty is to some degree “a state of mind”. Those words set off a media frenzy that was only overshadowed by stories about Russia. Had Secretary Carson blamed Russia for American poverty, the outrage against him would probably have […]

WATCH: Judge Jeanine Destroys Dems ‘Anti-American’ Message of Hate

President Donald Trump has faced unprecedented levels of resistance from the left, which has led to many wondering how voters will react to the blatant obstructionist tactics employed by the Democrats. Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered a scathing monologue to Democrats, saying Democrats have become the “party of hate” in the era of Trump — […]

Canadian Citizens Can Now Be JAILED For Using Wrong Gender Pronouns

During a major debate over the country’s laws regarding transgender bathrooms, a devoutly religious citizen decides to print up some pamphlets explaining their opposition to a broad expansion of hate speech laws. While handing out their literature, the police confiscate the pamphlets, charge the person with a hate crime, and fine them thousands of dollars. […]

WATCH: Their Child Was Killed by an Illegal Immigrant, Now They’re ‘Warning’ Americans

As more jurisdictions label their communities as sanctuary cities, victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants are coming out against the trend. The latest is Steve Ronnebeck, whose 21-year-old son was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2015; he warns that sanctuary cities “invite crime to our neighborhoods.” Grant Ronnebeck was killed in January 2015, […]

WATCH: ‘The View’ Host Viciously Attacks Melania Trump

Rather than promote peaceful and non-violent methods of activism, leftists continue to embrace the toxic culture created by leftist actors, celebrities, pundits, and politicians who openly call for violence and hostility against anyone that did not support their choice for President, Hillary Clinton. Liberals are still so angry over their loss that they regularly indulge in […]

BREAKING: Obama Named in $17 Billion Lawsuit Over ‘Missing Money’

It’s one of the most blatant examples of corruption to emerge from the Obama White House: Eric Holder and Obama’s DOJ extorted billions of dollars from banks – and funneled it right into the pockets of far-left activist groups. Now they’re finally being held to account. Extortion Back in January, Bob Goodlatte issued a press release revealing […]

BREAKING: Fox News Hires Famous Congressman

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was popular among both Democrats and Republicans during his tenure on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Chaffetz is known for speaking his mind and championing justice in the cases that come before the committee. In May, Chaffetz announced he would be retiring from congressional service and many speculated that […]

WATCH: Trump Destroys Chuck Schumer on Live TV

Senate Minority Leader and New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer wants all 100 senators to meet to discuss the Affordable Care Act (ACA), colloquially known as Obamacare. When asked by a reporter about the proposal, President Trump, thinking about it for a moment, said he first wants to “find out if he’s serious.” Trump said […]

REPORT: Megyn Kelly Taking “Break” After Horrible News

Megyn Kelly’s life at NBC has gotten off to a disastrous start. The former Fox News host never imagined that her future could already be in jeopardy at her new network. After a month of atrocious ratings, Kelly announced that she would be taking a “break” this Sunday, leading many to questions her show’s long-term […]