Prominent liberal says Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ‘have to go’

Despite being a long-time liberal, attorney Alan Dershowitz served as a member of President Trump’s impeachment defense team. Dershowitz believed that Democrats were abusing the impeachment process, and he just delivered the devastating news that time’s up for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). “Dems need new leadership” “I’m […]

Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney should ‘get the hell out’ of the Senate

Mitt Romney’s pandering to the Democratic Party is a pathetic joke — at least, that’s according to Judge Jeanine Pirro. On her self-titled show Saturday night, the Fox News host gave a blistering monologue in which she called Romney a jealous “loser” who should “get the hell out” of the Senate, The Hill reported. The […]

Trump unveils $4.8T budget plan with massive cuts to domestic spending: Report

President Donald Trump unveiled a budget plan this week to get control of a deficit that is set to blow past $1 trillion this year — but Democrats are already signaling they’ll shoot it down. Trump’s 2021 budget is asking for major cuts to domestic spending, including safety net programs, foreign aid, and federal agencies […]

Sanders campaign aide says Iowa caucus chaos appears ‘intentional’

A week after they were held, the Iowa caucuses are still a source of significant controversy within the Democratic Party, with at least one campaign aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) suggesting that the chaos and uncertainty that characterized the outcome was no accident, according to the Washington Examiner. “It does look fairly intentional,” former Ohio […]

29 killed, 57 wounded during 16-hour standoff at mall in Thailand

A disgruntled soldier committed the worst mass shooting in Thailand’s history over the weekend, leaving 29 people dead and 57 injured in a mall massacre that took police 16 hours to end, the New York Post reported. Sgt. Maj. Jakrapanth Thomma, 32, was killed inside the Terminal 21 mall in Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday morning after […]

Sanders says his gun control agenda goes ‘further’ than assault weapons ban

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) is filling the void left by would-be gun-grabber and failed Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. The democratic socialist vowed a the Democratic debate in New Hampshire on Friday night to ban assault weapons if he were to win the presidency — and added that would be just the beginning of his gun […]

Virginia lawmakers take first step in advancing stringent gun control measure

Virginia’s war on the Second Amendment is proceeding apace. A bill to ban AR-15s, suppressors, and high-capacity magazines made its way through a Virginia state House committee Friday, according to media reports. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has vowed to implement an ambitious gun control program over the objections of angry and concerned gun owners. “This […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she is ‘hopeful’ Senate can begin to mend divisions

Last week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke out in a spirit of cautious optimism about the strife that has afflicted American politics in recent years.  “The U.S. Senate was once a model of civility, of good fellowship, readiness to compromise for the good of the public. Today it’s divided sharply — but when […]