WATCH: American Risks Life to Rescue Little Girl from ISIS

Just when you start to lose faith in humanity, men like David Eubank come along and remind us that mankind may yet be redeemed, even – perhaps especially – in the midst of evil. Watch this American aid worker risk a hail of ISIS bullets to save the life of an Iraqi girl: Watch the latest […]

BREAKING: Democrat Congressman Calls Trump “Dictator”

You’d think that, after the shooting of Rep. Scalise, Democrats would’ve learned a valuable lesson in the dangers of hyperbole. Apparently not. Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut has called Trump a dictator for literally “attacking” the media in an amusing new video. Which is it they lack: a sense of humor, or a sense of […]

BREAKING: NATO Makes Announcement, Vindicates Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has made no secret of his frustrations with NATO; he even used his opening remarks at the NATO summit in Brussels in May to remind allies they are no longer going to be given a pass for failing to pay their “fair share” in defense spending. While leftists mocked the president for his tone, Trump […]

BREAKING: Democrats Move to Kick Trump Out of Office

Democrats have become so dedicated in their “resistance” to President Trump that they no longer seem to be working on their own policy platform. The DNC has labeled this summer the “Summer of Resistance” presumably to get their base excited about fighting Trump’s agenda. In their latest move, 25 Congressional Democrats are now trying to use […]

WATCH: Every American Should Watch This Senator’s July 4th Video

Despite his crucial role in forming the “Stop Trump” movement, every conservative has to admit: Ben Sasse is one of the great Constitution-loving, God-fearing senators in office today. Watch his appearance on Fox News in anticipation of July 4th, where he talks about the need to unite the country around community – not government: Watch the latest […]

BREAKING: CNN Busted Airing Fake News on Live TV

President Donald Trump called CNN “very fake news” two months ago during an interview with the network’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta, and the slogan has been used against the network ever since the exchange. While CNN claims Americans “trust them now more than ever,” they have been busted — again — for peddling fake news. CNN host Jake […]

BREAKING: Jay Leno Slams Anti-Trump Comedians, Risks His Legacy

A recent study from Harvard revealed that the mainstream media covered the president and his administration with a negative tone 80 percent of the time during his first 100 days in office. The most negative coverage came from CNN and NBC, where they covered Trump negatively 93 percent of the time. The historic levels of negative coverage have sparked […]

BREAKING: Trump Sacrifices, Saves Taxpayers $22 MILLION

Running the White House isn’t an easy or inexpensive task. There are hundreds of White House staffers to make sure everything runs smoothly, from daily tours guides to advisers to the president. One thing that many presidents don’t do when they get into the White House is cut the budget or save money. But there’s […]

What Is A Conservative?

When American voters hear someone identify as “conservative,” too often they think it means the same thing as “Republican.” Or, slightly better, they remember a few conservative political issues with which they may agree or disagree. But conservatism is so much more than a political party or a list of policy goals. Conservatism is a […]

BREAKING: Obama Gives Chilling Speech on 4th of July Weekend

While most Americans are gathering with family and friends to celebrate the most exceptional country in the history of the world, former President Barack Obama is halfway around the world aiming thinly veiled criticism in the direction of the United States — and his successor. Obama spoke overseas on Independence Day weekend, warning an Indonesian […]

BREAKING: Barack Obama’s “Shadow” Project Revealed

After President Trump’s inauguration, President Obama set off on a luxurious vacation. It was a thank-you to his family, who endured eight years in the most stressful work environment on the planet. Then he got back to work. New reports show that Barack Obama is still the de facto leader of the Democratic Party. And he’s actively working […]